David Villeneuve and Family

A suburban family in Ottawa, Canada

Mailing Address

David Villeneuve
748 Clearcrest Cres.
Orleans ON K4A 3E7

Telephone 613-837-0336

Driving Directions

  1. From Ottawa, take Hwy 417 until it splits.
  2. Take Hwy 174 (left 2 lanes) at the split
  3. Follow 174 into Orleans
  4. Exit at Tenth Line Road
  5. Go south on Tenth Line, up the hill
  6. Turn left at the light at the top of the hill
  7. Turn left at the first lights on Tenth Line
  8. Follow Charlemagne past 2 lights
  9. Turn left at the stop sign at Princess Louise
  10. Turn right at the second Clearcrest

Contact Me

(613) 837-0336 home
(613) 866-9975 cell

email address