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Fallingbrook Volunteer Awards

The Fallingbrook Community Association is proud to be able to recognize the many volunteers who improve the quality of life in our community. Each year, we host an awards ceremony for residents.

Forward us the name(s) of any outstanding Fallingbrook resident you feel warrants recognition.  The categories below are only suggestions -- we are looking for any outstanding citizens.

2009 Fallingbrook Awards  (see photos)

  • Rick Snell (Petrie Island Outdoor Club)
  • Richard Burnford (Petrie Island / Ottawa Stewardship Council)
  • Nicholas O’Connell (Outdoor Rink Management)
  • Fred Sherwin (Outstanding Online Media Supporter)
  • Lionel Laurin (Citizen of the Year)
  • Toni Francis (Multicultural Association of Orleans)
  • Gilbert and Susan Lepine (Scouting)
  • Marilyn Dow (Kiwanis Club of Orleans)
  • Emilie Tousignant (Outstanding Youth Achievement)
  • Kira Isabella Wilkie (Outstanding Youth Achievement)
  • Justin Blake (Outstanding Youth Achievement)
  • Cappelli Family: Marc, Stephanie, Julia and Maria (Outstanding Community Support)
  • Patrick Wall (Long Term Service Award – 4th Orleans Scouts)

2006 Fallingbrook Awards (see photos)

  • Meredith Vrbanac (English Catholic Schools)
  • Kelly Grant (Scouting)
  • Stephanie Cappelli (Community Volunteer)
  • Catherine Doyle (Girl Guides)
  • Alex Lacasse (Youth Achievement)
  • Andrew Both (Youth Achievement)
  • Alexandria Gale (Junior Leader Girl Guides)
  • Jamie Sheldrick (Rink Manager)
  • Marc Coderre (Rink Manager)

2005 Fallingbrook Awards (see photos)

  • Katie Holtzhauer (English Public School)
  • Clifford Prot (English Catholic School)
  • Linda Beauchamp (French Public School)
  • Tracey Fitzpatrick (Girl Guides)
  • Francois Trudel (Boy Scouts)
  • Sharon Gravelle (Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre)
  • John Monteith, Jamie Sheldrick, Jim Desprey (Outdoor Rink Managers)
  • Peter Sloan (Youth Sports)
  • Paul Pelletier (Long Term Rink Manager)
  • Orleans Urgent Care Clinic


2004 Fallingbrook Awards (see photos)

  • Dorthea Glavind (English Public Schools)
  • Brian Henry (English Catholic Schools)
  • Sylvie Garand (Écoles catholique de langue française)
  • Sylvain Fleurant (Mouvement Scouts)
  • David Gibbons (Scouting)
  • Debbie Cameron (Girl Guides)
  • Jacques, Nancy, Alexandre and Danielle Beland (Sports)
  • Chantal Desjardins and LOEB (Community Supporter)
  • Herbert, Michael, Jonathan and Christopher Stuemer (Community Builder)
  • Michel Gratton (Sports)
  • Fred Sherwin (Orleans News Facilitator)
  • Brenda Spearman (Volunteer Service)
  • Rod Foley, Tim Desprey, Marc Rioux, John Montieth, Paul Pelletier (Outdoor Rink Managers Certificates)

2003 Fallingbrook Awards (photos)

  • Connie McRae (English Public Schools)
  • Christine Knutson (English Catholic Schools)
  • Cécile Pagé (French Catholic Schools)
  • Marissa Laciak (English Public Schools)
  • Denis Cadieux (Scouts)
  • Lynn Evans (Scouts)
  • Vickie Sells (Guides)
  • Paul Bender (Sports)
  • George Birkas (Long Term Service in Sports)
  • Rob Jellett (Community Builder)
  • Mario Lalonde and Pierre Groulx of Pierre & Mario Your Independent Grocer (Community Supporter)
  • Rod Foley, Benoit Aubry, Marc and Sandra Rioux, Paul Pelletier (Outdoor Rink Managers)

2002 Fallingbrook Awards  Pictures

  • Gary and Jackie Hopkins (Sports and Schools)
  • Patrick Wall (Scouting)
  • Lee Mouchet (Guiding)
  • Juli Watt (English Public Schools)
  • Monique Ricketts (English Separate Schools)
  • Rob Brouwer of Precision Automotive (Business Community Support)
  • Friends of Petrie Island (Outstanding Organization)
  • Marc Cappelli (Long Term Volunteer)
  • Jocelyne Holmes (Long Term Volunteer)

2001 Fallingbrook Awards  Pictures

  • Kim Beaudoin (English Separate Schools)
  • Louise Rapagna (English Public Schools)
  • Noreen Young (Scouts)
  • Gary Romanick (Sports)
  • Don Pottier (Long Term Service Award )
  • Erin Darcy (Youth/Guides)
  • Gaston Lauzon and Canadian Tire Corp (Community Supporter)
  • Fallingbrook Canada Day Youth Volunteers
  • (Alisdair Rankin, Adam Comeau, Adam Giles, Christine Pelletier, Emily Villeneuve, Jasmyne Holmes, Jason Richards, Kevin Landry, Kyle Owens, Robert Pelletier, Stephanie Dupuis, Stephanie Landry, Jason Richards)

2000 Fallingbrook Awards  Pictures

  • Zybina Richards (Citizen of the Year)
  • Debbie Mazzuca (English Separate Schools)
  • Denise Chadala (English Public Schools)
  • John Perrozzino (Scouts)
  • David Villeneuve (Long Term Service Award )
  • Fallingbrook Canada Day Committee (Outstanding Organization)
  • (Committee members: George Blake, Marc Cappelli, Phil Chaput, Ron Hamelin, Jocelyne Holmes, Debbie Parent, Paul Pelletier, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Rick Snell, David Villeneuve, Elaine Wilson, Tony O'Connell and Barb O'Connell)
  • Fallingbrook Canada Day Youth Volunteers
  • (Kaylie Bullard, Jen Burden, Sue Chilvers, Brandy Fahey, Jasmyne Holmes, Stephanie Landry, Lauryn Levesque, Melissa Monette, Corey O'Connell, Nick O'Connell, Christine Pelletier, David Pelletier, Alisdair Rankin, Jason Richards, Katie Richardson, Laura Stus and Emily Villeneuve)
  • Jason Richards (Youth )

1999 Fallingbrook Awards (Pictures)

  • Don Edgecombe (Scouts )
  • Carol Edgecombe (Guides)
  • Catherine Parij (English Schools )
  • Mark Wilson (Sports)
  • Dix Lawson (Sports)
  • Mykal Johncox (Youth)
  • Paul Pelletier (Long Term Service Award )

1998 Fallingbrook Awards

  • George Blake (Long Term Service Award)
  • Gabriel Pizza {The Hanna Family}(Citizen of the Year)
  • Susan D'Arcy (Guides)
  • Sherri West (Guides)
  • Monique Blake (French Schools)
  • Mary Jane Decloux (English Schools)
  • Rosalie Dale (English Schools)

1997 Cumberland Township Awards Ceremony

  • John and Gwen Cloutier (Adult volunteers)

1997 Fallingbrook Awards

  • John and Gwen Cloutier (Citizens of the Year)
  • Madeleine Chevalier (Schools)
  • Rejean Lépine (Scouts)
  • Lee Maier (Sports, Scouts)
  • Jocelyne Holmes (Community)
  • Gwenne Pottier (Guides)

1996 Fallingbrook Awards

  • Michele Vachon
  • Wayne Edwards
  • Allan Ellis
  • Kim Haynes
  • Rollie and Laurie Laberge

1995 Fallingbrook Awards

  • Gloria and Barry Bowden (Citizens of the Year)
  • Doug Wall
  • Debbie Parent
  • Jim Elders
  • Mike Saucier

1994 Cumberland Township Awards Ceremony

  • David Villeneuve (Citizen of the Year)

1992 FCA/Cumberland Township Awards Ceremony

  • Debbie Parent
  • Rick Casey
  • Gerry Martel
  • Ivan Vallée

1991 FCA Community Service Award

  • Frank Dugal (Sports)

1990 Cumberland Township -- Certificates of Appreciation

  • George and Monique Blake
  • Paul and Leslie Pelletier

1989 Cumberland Township -- Certificate of Appreciation

  • John Davies

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