Fallingbrook Fame

Forgie Quintuplets Born in 1987

Fallingbrook residents Kim and Lauren Forgie were surprised to learn that Lauren was to give birth to 5 children.  The five healthy children were born on 22 September 1987.  Dubbed Operation Rainbow by the Ottawa General Hospital, each child was colour-coded.  The Forgies were the first set of quintuplets born live since the Dionne Quintuplets in 1933.

The children were named Anya, Zuri, Kiza (girls) and Kipp and Rhys (boys).  Arc En Ciel Street in Fallingbrook was named in honour of their birth (Rainbow Street was already taken).

The Forgies now live in Texas, where Lauren, an engineer and artist, recently illustrated a children’s book.

Movie “A Killer Upstairs” Filmed in Fallingbrook

A made-for-DVD movie was filmed in Fallingbrook in 2006. “A Killer Upstairs” stars Bruce Boxleitner and Tracy Nelson.

The movie is about an angry and rebellious young man who is having an affair with the 32-year-old wife of a wealthy businessman.  When the woman turns up dead, the boyfriend becomes the chief suspect in her murder. While he tries to convince his mother, played by Tracy Nelson, of his innocence, Boxleitner’s character uncovers evidence tying him to the scene of the crime and he’s arrested and thrown in jail.
Struggling to hold together his fragile emotions, he endures life behind bars, while waiting for his mother to exonerate him.

Among the first people to rent the DVD were Serge Lauzon and Catherine Chagnon whose Fallingbrook Ridge home (just off Princess Louise Drive) was used to film several scenes in the movie last fall, including two scenes in which Serge plays a city cop who assists in the arrest of Nelson’s son.  The couple sat down to watch the movie last Sunday night with Serge’s mother.

“It was different, especially seeing myself in the movie. I looked fatter. It’s true what they about the cameras adding 10 pounds to you,” joked Lauzon after seeing the movie. “But the funniest part was seeing the house. You can see our kitchen, the living room. They used our furniture and our dishes, you can even see some of our plants that have been in the family for years.”

Serge and Catherine had to move out of their house for four days while the shooting was taking place. During the filming a half dozen trucks were parked along Princess Louise Drive and Fallingbrook Ridge was abuzz with activity.  According to Lauzon, the movie’s co-stars were incredibly approachable.

“Tracy and Bruce were wonderful,” says Lauzon who is a member of the RCMP. “I talked mostly with Bruce. He was a great guy. He asked a lot of questions about policing. We talked about what was going on in Hollywood. He was very down to earth. The whole crew was great. They would joke with the neighbours and talk to them.”

At one point early on in the shoot, one of the neighbours on the street got stuck in their ice covered driveway. Within minutes members of the crew came over and de-iced the driveway using their streamers.

Before they turned the house back over to Catherine and Serge, the production crew put everything back just they way they found it.
As a special parting gift, the movie’s producers gave everyone on the street a gift basket.

(Information by Fred Sherwin)