The Fallingbrook Community Association began publishing newsletters since 1985.  They were composed and assembled by the FCA executive, and then hand-delivered to the homes.

This is an electronic archive of those issues in PDF format.

1986 Jan   Apr   June   Sep   Dec   Survey
1987 Jan   Mar   Apr   Jun   Sep   Dec
1988 Feb  Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Sep   Oct   Dec
1989 Mar   Apr   Jun   Sep   Dec
1990 Mar   Apr   Jun   Sep   Dec
1991 Apr   Apr”B”  Jul   Nov
1992 Jan   Apr   Jun   Dec
1993 May
1994 Jan   May   Jun   Nov
1995 Apr   Jun   Oct
1996 Apr   Jun
1997 Jan   Jun   Nov
1998 Jan   May   Oct
1999 Jan   May   Oct
2000 Feb   Apr   Nov
2001 Mar   May   Jun   Nov
2002 May   Nov
2003 May   Jun   Nov
2004 Mar   Jun (never printed)
2005 Jan   Apr  Dec
2006 June Oct
2007 Oct