The Fallingbrook Community Association has operated outdoor rinks since 1986.  RInks are located at Fallingbrook Park, at Gardenway Park, and at Maple Ridge.  The rinks are managed by adult volunteers and supervised by paid youth.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to find adult managers to look after the rinks.

Therefore all three Fallingbrook rinks will not operate for the 2018-2019 season.  We regret that our young skaters and hockey players will no longer have local rinks to skate on.

The first outdoor rink in Fallingbrook was at Fallingbrook Park.  I recall our first attempt to flood the rink, a group of dads from the Fallingbrook Community Association.  The Township of Cumberland provided the boards, shovels and hoses, and we provided the free labour.  We discovered on the first night that the provided hoses were too short.  I (David Villeneuve) coincidentally had a set of fire hoses in my basement, courtesy of a scheduled replacement of fire hoses at NRC.  We also learned that hoses left with water in them will freeze.

The Fallingbrook Park rink has been operated by our adult volunteers ever since, and the other two rinks were added over time.

For the past 10 years Nick O’Connell has managed all three rinks, including flooding and cleaning. Nick is a second-generation FCA member who first became involved with Canada Day celebrations at the Ray Friel Centre at the age of 8.  Nick is now the proud father of a baby girl and feels he can no longer spend hours at night cleaning rinks.  Many thanks to Nick for his dedication.